Women’s health

Women’s health

As we age our bodies go through natural stages of change.

Women experience many hormonal changes in her lifetime, from when she first menstruates to when she gives birth to her first child. Later in life she will experience perimenopause, menopause and then post menopause. These hormonal changes can impact on her physical as well as her mental health.

As these changes occur naturally, the experience differs between each woman. Some may breeze through this time with very little effect, while others are immensely effected. Hormonal changes or imbalances can impact on energy levels, sleep, mood, skin, appetite and weight.

With the right advice and support, these life changes can be managed through nutrition and lifestyle. Do you feel your metabolism, body shape and energy levels have changed since reaching middle age? Do you feel stuck in a rut, and no amount of dieting and exercise is helping, or that you just don’t have the energy to try?

Beyond40 Nutrition specialises in supporting women who are experiencing these changes, by offering nutrition and lifestyle coaching, where you will get one-on-one support to get yourself looking and feeling the best you have ever been.