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Tara Chaproniere

Beyond40 Nutrition

I have worked in the health industry for over 20 years from mental health to liver disease clinics, and have witnessed how powerful good health through nutrition can change lives and improve health and wellbeing, giving people independence and longevity. This led me to studying nutrition so that I could educate people to take control of their lives through nutrition and a balanced lifestyle. This goes beyond just what you eat, but extends to exploring why you have formed these behaviours and how to change them to improve your overall wellbeing.

My Clinic

Beyond40 Nutrition


My consultations are based on a holistic approach. The initial consultation will take an in-depth exploration to develop an understanding of your past history or current illnesses, your body processes such as your digestive system, intolerances, hormones, thyroid, liver and adrenal functions. Exploring emotional habits that have developed over time is also an important part of the process. After I have gathered this information I can develop a programme specifically for you to help you manage your symptoms from weight loss to chronic disease.

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